Child Pyschologist

Your child can be referred for a psychological assessment due to various reasons.  This is important if your child is experiencing attention  or behavior issues at home or in school, experience emotional difficulties, learning difficulties, trauma and psychological issues such as anxiety. Your child can be referred either to an educational or a clinical psychologist depending on the area of difficulty.

A psychologist can work with both your child and your family and can help with the following:

  • Counselling to help with life’s problems including grief, trauma or relationship issues
  • Educational and developmental assessment. This is important to offer support to children with learning difficulties, disorders like ADHD and difficult behaviour, or social skills
  • Guidance and assistance to deal with mental health problems like childhood depression, teenage depression, childhood anxiety, teenage anxiety, teenage stress and adult stress

The psychologist will conduct an in-depth  assessment to help you understand the areas in which your child excels and the areas which are having an impact on his developmental. The psychologist plays an important role in diagnosing neuro developmental conditions such as learning difficulties, ADHD, Autism, selective mutism. 

sensory integration, Child Pyschologist
sensory integration, Child Pyschologist

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