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Creating a Sensory-Friendly Christmas for Your Child in Malta

December 13, 2023

As the festive season approaches, WonderKids Centre is excited to share valuable tips to create a truly inclusive and joyous Christmas, especially for children with sensory issues and who are benefiting from sensory integration therapy. 🎄 Let’s spread holiday cheer while catering to the unique needs of every child!

1️⃣ Keep Decoration Limited and Secure: Shiny, glittery decorations can be enticing but may pose increased challenges for children with sensory issues. Bright colours and strong scents are also very challenging for these children. Mindfully decorate to prevent overwhelming sensory experiences, enhancing the festive ambience for everyone.

2️⃣ Unwrap One Gift at a Time: The sound of gifts being unwrapped can be loud and anxiety-inducing. This together with the brightly coloured or textured wrapping paper can lead to sensory overload. Consider unwrapping one gift at a time to create a more manageable and enjoyable.

3️⃣ Calm Retreat Spaces: Designate a quiet corner at home or during festivities for a sensory break. A peaceful space can work wonders, providing a safe environment for kids to regulate themselves during the holiday season.

4️⃣ Outings Can Be Intense: Big displays, loud music, and large crowds can be overwhelming. Opt for quieter times or limit exposure to large crowds during outings to prevent sensory overload.

5️⃣ Comfy Clothing Choices: Dress your little ones in soft, comfortable clothing for a stress-free holiday experience. Comfort is essential, especially for children with sensory issues.

6️⃣ Keep a Favorite Food Available: Include a favourite food on the menu during family gatherings and parties. When going to an event, you can also opt to take a snack box with their favourite food or else prepare them a meal before going to the event. Avoid introducing new foods during busy times to prevent regression in eating habits. During these times, allow them to eat where and what they are comfortable with, even if it’s not at the table with everyone else.

Remember, every child is unique, and these tips can be adjusted to suit individual needs. Let’s celebrate the magic of the season with inclusive and sensory-friendly festivities as recommended by our Occupational Therapists at WonderKids Centre in Malta! 🎉✨

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