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The importance of Sensory Regulation in your child’s development

October 17, 2023

As parents and caregivers, there are countless reasons to celebrate the remarkable achievements of our children. One of these accomplishments that often goes unnoticed but is incredibly significant is the development of efficient sensory regulation skills. In this blog post, our Occupational Therapists at Wonderkids Centre, Malta will discuss the signs that indicate your child has developed robust sensory regulation abilities, and how to support them on their unique sensory regulation journey.

1. Adaptability:

A child’s ability to adapt to changes in their environment or routine clearly indicates strong sensory regulation. These children navigate transitions and can shift their focus from one activity to another without becoming overly stressed or anxious. Whether it’s a sudden change in the family routine, daily plan or an unexpected twist in their daily routine, they easily handle it.

2. Self-Soothing:

When faced with sensory challenges, children with strong regulation skills exhibit an impressive ability to self-soothe. They can calm themselves down by using techniques like deep breathing, engaging in relaxation strategies, or seeking out sensory activities that provide comfort and grounding. This self-awareness and coping mechanism is a valuable skill for emotional well-being.

3. Effective Attention and Focus:

Kids with strong sensory regulation can maintain their attention and focus on tasks, even in stimulating environments. They possess the capacity to filter out distractions and concentrate on what they need to accomplish. Whether it’s completing a challenging puzzle, getting lost in a book, or actively participating in a conversation, their ability to stay engaged is noteworthy.

4. Appropriate Sensory Responses:

Children with good sensory regulation respond appropriately to sensory input. They can tolerate various sounds, textures, smells, and tastes without becoming overly sensitive or seeking excessive sensory stimulation. Their reactions are adaptable and context-sensitive, making them versatile and well-adjusted individuals.

5. Resilience and Emotional Regulation:

Kids with strong sensory regulation skills are notably resilient when faced with sensory challenges. They can cope with unexpected sensory experiences, bounce back from overwhelming situations, and regulate their emotions effectively. This emotional stability means they are less likely to experience extreme meltdowns or emotional outbursts, making life smoother for both them and their caregivers.

For example, when your child is attending a crowded and noisy public event like a feast in Malta or else waiting in their primary school assembly, your child can remain calm and composed, effectively filtering out the surrounding commotion. Even if a sudden burst of loud music or flashing lights occurs, the child’s ability to cope with these sensory challenges ensures that they do not become overwhelmed.

6. Smooth Motor Coordination:

Children who demonstrate good sensory regulation often possess well-developed motor coordination skills. Fine motor tasks like writing, using utensils, or tying shoelaces are accomplished with ease. They have a strong sense of body awareness and balance, enabling them to engage in physical activities with confidence.


It’s important to remember that every child develops at their own pace, and their sensory regulation journey is unique. If your child is still in the process of developing these skills, that’s perfectly okay. As parents and caregivers, we can continue providing them with supportive and nurturing experiences to help them grow and thrive. If you have any concerns about your child’s development our Occupational Therapists at Wonderkids, Malta can help out.

Let’s celebrate our children’s incredible abilities, acknowledge their journey, and support them as they continue to flourish in their sensory regulation skills. Our role as proud parents and caregivers is to encourage and nurture their development, helping them become well-rounded individuals who can face life’s challenges with confidence and grace. 🎉❤️

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