Speech Therapy

The speech and language therapist provides assessment, diagnosis, advice and treatment to children who experiences speech, language, communication and swallowing challenges.

A Speech and Language Therapist (SLT) carries out an assessment to find out if  your child has speech (pronunciation or stammering), language (understanding, sentence formation and grammar), communication (social interaction) or eating and drinking difficulties.

Speech and Language Therapists can help your child if they are experiencing challenges with: 

Speech Therapy for Children at WonderKids Centre

If a child your child experiences any difficulties in these areas, a speech therapy assessment will be required.

Speech therapy  assessment

The speech and language assessment process, will help the therapist to obtain the necessary information about your child’s skills and areas of difficulties. The assessment involves the use of standardised and non-standardised assessment depending on your child’s needs. The tests used depend upon the age and skills that are being assessed.

A speech assessment would involve assessing your child’s ability to produce a range of sounds, where as a receptive language assessment looks at a child’s ability to understand spoken language.  Your input is an important part of the assessment process.

Speech Therapy sessions

Following the assessment, therapy sessions may be recommended and frequency of intervention is dependent upon your child’s needs. The treatment may be offered on an individual or group basis or through programmes of advice. A typical individual based therapy session will last approximately 45 to 60 minutes with a qualified speech and language pathologist. 

Recommendations for home and school

As part of the therapeutic process the therapist can carry out school observations and advise teachers on any suitable adaptions to the environment or specific teaching strategies/activities your child would benefit from.

Additionally throughout the program, parents will be given guidance on suitable home activities . 

sensory integration, Speech Therapy
sensory integration, Speech Therapy

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