Understanding Sensory Processing Challenges: Occupational Therapy in Malta

As a leading pediatric occupational therapist in Malta, our clinic specializes in assisting children who struggle with sensory processing disorders. Sensory processing challenges can manifest in various ways, including overreacting or underreacting to sensory stimuli, and discomfort with certain textures, sounds, or smells.

Understanding Sensory Overreactivity

Children who overreact to sensory inputs may find everyday stimuli overwhelming. This can lead to challenges in environments like busy classrooms, where the hum of activity may cause distress. Our occupational therapy strategies focus on helping these children develop coping mechanisms to manage their heightened sensitivities.

Addressing Sensory Underreactivity

Conversely, some children underreact to sensory stimuli. These kids might not respond to touch or sounds in ways one would expect. Our tailored occupational therapy programs in Malta aim to engage these children, enhancing their sensory processing abilities.

Dealing with Texture, Sound, and Smell Sensitivities

Sensitivities to specific textures, sounds, or smells can significantly impact a child’s daily life. Our approach involves gradual exposure and activities designed to reduce these sensitivities, aiding in more comfortable interactions with their environment.

Occupational Therapy: A Path to Better Focus and Participation

For children with sensory processing challenges, focusing in the classroom or participating in daily activities can be daunting. Our occupational therapy sessions provide strategies to improve focus and encourage participation in daily tasks, fostering a more fulfilling educational and social experience.

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